Professional Corporate, Nominee and Secretarial Services

Our affiliated group, The EverCorporate Group, is specialised in providing the following services:

  • Company directors: for clients who wish to establish and strengthen their local presence in Cyprus by ensuring management and control of the board of directors occurs in Cyprus. Company directors take part in board meetings, review and pass resolutions of the board and provide general assistance with the day to day management of the company.
  • Company secretary: every Cypriot company is required by law to have a company secretary. The duties of a company secretary include:
    • the upkeep of the company’s statutory registers, minute books, etc.
    • filing of required returns to the registrar of companies.
    • preparation of meetings of the board and members of the company.
  • Registered office address: every company incorporated in Cyprus is required to have a registered office address in Cyprus for the purpose of receiving all communications and notices. The EverCorporate Group provides office addresses for this purpose and manages relevant correspondence accordingly.
  • Nominee shareholder and trustee services: holding of the legal title to shares in Cypriot and overseas companies as nominees for the benefit of our clients, under trust arrangements (either Cypriot International Trusts or normal trusts governed by the relevant Cypriot legislation).
  • Escrow Agent services.
  • Bank Account management services.